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Rehabilitation in Voorhees

In addition to chiropractic care, rehab plays an essential role in helping your body heal. Without rehab, you’re not strengthening the supportive tissues or re-educating the muscles that, in often cases, have been quiet for so long. That’s because the average patient is sedentary with a lot of instability in and around the spine.

Strengthens Supportive Tissue and Reduces Scar Tissue

People who have had injuries have a lot of instability or weak scar tissue that has formed. Patients don’t always come in for care right after an incident. It could be months or years later. They often will have a lot of scar tissue. Active care rehab helps to strengthen supportive tissue and reduce scar tissue.

The Role of Exercises in Healing

An important part of the rehab process is exercise. We will spend about 15-20 minutes in the office showing patients specific stretching and strengthening exercises, which will slowly be introduced as part of their treatment plan. Some exercises will be done at home to keep you on the path to recovery. The type or amount of exercises you will be prescribed is dependent on the extent of your injuries, the area involved and your overall health status.

Rehab at Liberman Chiropractic is another way to help people get better and enjoy an improved quality of life with natural therapy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how rehab can help you feel fantastic!

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