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New Patient Center

Welcome to Liberman Chiropractic! From the moment you call the office to the time you arrive, you will experience a warm and caring atmosphere. You’ll hear soothing music playing in our casual and contemporary environment. Our tank full of colorful fish also helps to set a mood of tranquility.

The First Visit

To save time, we encourage you to download the new patient forms from the website and complete them before your appointment. We also ask that you bring in any test results such as X-rays, MRI images, or other scans. You’ll be greeted warmly when you come in. Once you’ve paid the co-pay, you’ll be brought back, and Dr. Liberman will introduce himself.

Here’s what you can expect next:

  • A detailed review of your overall health status
  • A thorough consultation and history
  • An examination, followed by a review of the findings
  • A proper care plan after Dr. Liberman makes a diagnosis

The care plan is dependent on your circumstances and exam findings. Because every patient is different, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Once the treatment plan is set up, we will get to work; this usually takes place on the first visit but not always. We may find that you require additional diagnostic testing such as X-rays, ultrasound, MRI or CT.

Patients who are compliant are going to get better; if they don’t, then we will recommend additional tests and sometimes make referrals. Eventually, we like to get patients into maintenance care, so they are happy and healthy. This first appointment typically takes 45 minutes, but if you’ve been involved in an auto accident, it can take twice as long.

Second and Subsequent Visits

At your second appointment, we will find out how you responded to the first visit and gauge how you’re improving. If you respond well to care, we will follow through with the treatment plan until we get to the end of a 4-week period. We will sit down and do a re-evaluation; at the end of it, we will determine future care once again. If you’re progressing, we will continue to do what we’re doing. If you’re not responding, we will have you get additional tests done and use various therapies if necessary. A chiropractic adjustment along with a few exercises are usually provided during your visits, which usually take 10-20 minutes.

Do I Have to Go Forever?

We tell patients that once you start going to the dentist or doctor, you don’t stop. If you want to maintain peak health and an optimally functioning spine, you’ll want to be under regular chiropractic care. Some patients simply want to get out of pain. That’s fine. We never force anyone to come in for maintenance care, but they know from their experience that once they do they will feel better.

Dr. Liberman also keeps his patients informed about natural health through conversations he’ll have during each visit and through literature in the office. Book a same-day appointment today!

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