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Chiropractic Care

Through the use of chiropractic adjustments and manipulation, we aim to restore and maximize patients’ health. Dr. Liberman provides patients with excellent one-on-one care at every visit to help them feel great.


In addition to reducing pain, chiropractic helps to enhance the quality of life of patients, particularly elderly individuals who can improve their day-to-day activities such as walking and grocery shopping. Dr. Liberman enjoys helping people to return to a more regular semblance of life.

Our Techniques and Therapies

  • Diversified
  • Electric muscle stimulation (Russian, interferential and bipolar current)
  • Exercises
  • Gonstead
  • MR4™ Super Pulsed Laser
  • Myofascial release
  • Rehab
  • Thompson Drop
  • Ultrasound

Laser therapy is particularly beneficial as it reduces inflammation and promotes healing. We use therapy only during the acute phase of an injury or the problem and always provide exercises.

The Three Phases of Care

The first phase of care is the acute phase when someone comes in in acute pain or has experienced an incident that causes inflammation. “My job early on is to reduce inflammation and start the healing process. We will use all the modalities in the office to do that,” says Dr. Liberman. During the second phase, we will have you begin doing some exercises to start reducing the scar tissue that forms, using manipulations or adjustments throughout the period. During the third phase we progress in terms of long-term care to keep things normalized.

How to Help Patients Feel Comfortable

One of the best ways to put nervous patients at ease is to take the time necessary to describe the adjustment process. Dr. Liberman will spend more time in detail explaining the anatomy and physiology of their body and what the adjustment will be like. “It’s important that we build trust with each patient. We always have their best interest at heart,” he says.

Enhance your quality of life with natural chiropractic care. A variety of techniques and therapies is offered. Schedule a same-day appointment today!

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